Money is changing fast. When Filippo from Pigzbe was a kid, you could hold money, hear it jangle in your pocket and even taste it (we don’t recommend eating coins!). But how to teach children the value of money when there are no coins to count, touch (or eat)?

Today children are growing up in a world of digital money that bleeps from one device to another as if by magic. Invisible and contactless, money even appears to live in your phone! Throw in things like Bitcoin and VBucks from Fortnite and it’s clear that the financial landscape for our kids is unrecognisable to the world their parents knew.

How can you teach children the value of money?

Filippo co-founded Primo Group, an award-winning toy company that has already introduced more than 1 million children age 3+ to coding through Cubetto – the most crowdfunded edtech invention in Kickstarter history.

This summer Filippo dropped into the huge TEDx event in Hamburg as part of the “Dreamers: Prototyping the Future” event to tell the story of his latest adventure: reimagining the piggy bank for the 21st century.

A new way to future proof the value of money

Filippo and the team at Pigzbe share a vision. We believe we need new ways to future proof the value of money and create a new approach to financial education. One that puts digital learning first and helps kids become the money masters of tomorrow. Pigzbe is part kids pocket money app part digital piggy bank that helps parents, children, relatives and friends take a smarter and fun route to financial education.

We took everything that worked so well about the traditional piggy bank – physical learning, that tactile engagement of tipping the coins on the carpet and counting them into little piles, the piggy shape – and upgraded it for a digital age. Pigzbe is the solution to the challenge of the future of financial education – the piggy bank 2.0.

In this talk, Filippo takes you on a journey back to his own childhood, through his experiences and that of his parents he charts how our interaction with money has changed and gives us a peek at Pigzbe – what the piggy bank did next…