This post is for all existing Wollo token holders who have been using the Pigzbe app from October 2018 through to September 2019 to store and manage their Wollo. The existing Pigzbe app will very shortly be replaced by a new app called the Wollo wallet.

The Wollo wallet will let you safely store and manage your Wollo, just as the previous version of the app enabled you to, from anywhere in the world. The big difference is that we have removed all of the child and pocket money functionality from the Wollo wallet.

This was a change we had to make ahead of the full launch of the Pigzbe pocket money service, which will be rolled out on a country by country basis, starting in the U.K. this Autumn.

Launching soon, the all new Pigzbe pocket money app will include a complete makeover of the child app experience. It will also contain exchange features, which let parents connect to their bank account in the app to buy and sell Wollo. As a result, each Pigzbe user will need to complete KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) checks.

Right now, our KYC and AML functionality can only support UK users. As we expand this functionality, the Pigzbe Pocket Money app will be rolled out to more regions –starting with the EU & USA in November. We will provide a list of supported countries by mid-October so you know when the full Pigzbe experience will be available where you are.

To thank you for your early support we will give all existing users free access to the Pigzbe App when it becomes available in your region. Please register for a voucher using the link sent to you by email.

Summary of Wollo wallet features

Wollo wallet – dashboard

  • View your Wollo & XLM wallet balances
  • See your most recent transactions
Wollo Wallet dashboard

Wollo wallet – transfers

  • Send both Wollo & XLM to another Stellar Wallet address.
Wollo Wallet transfers
  • Receive both Wollo & XLM to another Stellar Wallet address.
  • Share your address using the QR code or send a contact your public key.
Receive Wollo
  • Specify how much you would like to transfer in your local currency or the specific amount of Wollo or XLM.

Wollo wallet – settings

  • Change your native currency to enable real-time conversion of Wollo & XLM amounts.
  • Mange your security settings & communication preferences.
Wollo wallet settings