What’s that in the sky?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the world’s biggest and most important Blockchain event — Consensus 2019 in New York City. You can bet that we were there with a Pigzbe in our pocket.

By the time we left, we had an award in our hands and hundreds more people converted to the power of Pigzbe. A great week for our little Pig

Consensus is the global conference bringing together entrepreneurs, developers, academics, and crypto-enthusiasts to explore, collaborate and debate the future of Blockchain and crypto.

Pink pigz and yellow cabs
Pigzbe meets Stellar CTO Jed McCauley

Pigzbe gets another award!

During the week we were also invited to the Publicize Blockchain Pitch Completion Finals at the incredible and historic Flatiron Building — if you’ve seen a film about New York — you know the one.

We were pitching in the Crystal Clear final — against some truly amazing competition. It was a real honour to be on the same bill as Alex Maschinskypitching the Celsius Network.

A big screen for a big idea

But, we smashed our pitch. The judges saw the potential in Pigzbe and were impressed with the clarity of our vision and the ‘crystal clear’ way we communicate it.

Reflections on NYC

Overall it was a wonderful week. We were proud to show off our work to an engaged and supportive community that is growing bigger every day and to have our hard work recognised.

Blockchain technology moving in so many directions, it is impossible not to be excited to be part of it. But, it seems like for most, the idea of putting products into the hands of consumers is still a long way away.

Pigzbe is one of a small minority of new blockchain products with a clear real-world use case and value proposition that will deliver a real product to market in the near future. We’re excited.

What’s next

As we go forward with the launch of Pigzbe, Wollo will become a working part of the user experience, for families around the world, bringing a whole new community to blockchain.

We’re excited to get even more connected to the growing (and awesome) blockchain community and bring some awesome tech mainstream when we revolutionise pocket money.

So you can bet we’ll be back next year for another bite of the apple. See you soon NYC!