Wooooosh! That’s the sound of the amazing Malta Blockchain Summit (MBS) going by in a whirlwind. Blink and you miss it.

Simon and Anna, who lead on partnerships and growth for Pigzbe, joined 8,500 delegates and more than 300 exhibitors in Malta for a packed week of talks, learning sessions, workshops and networking opportunities.

Not to mention numerous TV interviews (with the likes of BloxLive TV, I Bitcoinmagazine.nl, NetSoc.vc, Coin Rivet, The Future is Now Media Network and more)keynote speeches (givingand listening) and our very own set of workshop sessions to host. Simon and Anna are new to the team and we like to keep these guys busy!

In Malta, known by those in the business as Blockchain Island, the government is investing heavily to make their Mediterranean archipelago the easiest place in the world to start and grow a Blockchain business. They even made a documentary about it. Now, Malta is hoping that it can become the global centre for this fast-growing industry. Based on what we saw last week, they’re succeeding in a big way!

Introducing Pigzbe

We spoke to hundreds of people about Pigzbe. We also got to place our latest prototype into lots of excited hands and send Wollo to lots of lucky people using our sleek new App.

Just like our recent trip toBlockchain Week in NYC , where we won the first ever Crystal Clear award (!!!) we were excited to learn that lots of people had already heard about Pigzbe and its potential.

As one of the first mainstream Blockchain products for families, there’s a really high level of interest in what we’re building. So it felt great to share our progress with a supportive community that totally understands the implication of our big idea.

In between media interviews with London’s City AMBloxLive, Coinrivet and a host of other outlets, Simon spoke to Bull.IO about our long term vision for Pigzbe.

Pigzbe and the Blockchain

We caught up with lots of companies using the core tech behind Blockchain to create new products and make existing products work even better.

Pigzbe was delighted to host a morning of fantastic workshops as part of the Summit. Our sessions were focused on the uses of Blockchain for Entertainment and Marketing.

A selection of the great people Pigzbe met at the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit

You’ll know by now that Pigzbe is built on the Stellar Blockchain. Stellar’s the reason Pigzbe can send pocket money anywhere in the world instantly and at almost no cost. In Malta, we met lots of other companies working on exciting new things built with Stellar. We can’t wait to see what new opportunities for Pigzbe might emerge from this exciting ecosystem.

Talking Pigzbe

Our Head of Growth, Anna Frankowska, is a Forbes 30-under-30 technology honoree, so it was standing room only for her keynote on Friday, where she spoke about Bitcoin network effects, and the forces driving increased adoption rates as Blockchain becomes more mainstream.

The big takeaway from Anna’s session was that increased adoption of platforms like Stellar can add huge value to vested networks and user communities like the one developing around Wollo. Products like Pigzbe, that reach far beyond the Blockchain user base, provide a great mechanism to drive successful mass adoption for this technology.

But to be successful, teams in the space have to build excellent products that are better than existing solutions. That means easy onboarding, great UX and incentives that reward long term engagement.

This user-centric approach is what will define the new Blockchain companies and make it worthwhile for people to invest time and attention to grow these networks.

What continues to set Pigzbe apart is our ambition to deliver a polished consumer product that’s built on Blockchain technology, and to do it this year! What’s more, we have a clear real-world use case that uses Blockchain as the enabling technology behind a great consumer experience. Rather than a product that uses the latest exciting technology just for the sake of it.

If you missed Anna’s session you can get the slides here or you can check out her interview with Layah Helipern from Blox Live, straight after bigwigs Roger Ver and Ben Goertzel.

What’s next

Pigzbe had a great time in Malta meeting potential partners and sowing the seeds for some new business relationship and friendships. We’re looking forward to returning next year!

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