The new Pigzbe pocket money app has finally landed! Get it today for free on Android and iOS.

The biggest update is an awesome new kid section we’ve built for you. It’s fun, it’s magical, and ready for set-up on your kid’s tablet, so the grown-ups don’t have to share their phone all the time! We hope you and your kids find it useful and fun.

An important note to all Wollo Wallet App users
The 12 word recovery phrase from your Wollo Wallet App can’t be used inside the Pigzbe App, but if you sign-up to the new Pigzbe App, you can transfer the Wollo you are currently holding, and soon, even use the Pigzbe App to buy and sell more Wollo.

A note on who can use the Pigzbe App
The Pigzbe App is now accessible to families all over the world. We found a compliant way to make Pigzbe available globally. This means anyone can sign-up to earn, save and learn with us, no matter where they are from. 

This is only the beginning. We’re going to make the Pigzbe pocket money app better, and better, and better with each new release. Contact us on live chat or at [email protected] if you need us to help, otherwise we hope you and your kids will find what we’ve created useful and fun!